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One of my favorite looks this summer - the maxi sweat dress paired with a statement bag from LOEWE or ACNE STUDIOS. Which is your favorite color way?

So happy that I still had the chance to see the exhibition KAUSALKONSEQUENZ by Alicja Kwade at the closing weekend at Langen Foundation, Neuss. Due to Covid I couldn't make it there sooner. If you ever have the chance to see her work, don't hesitate and go there. It's magical.

“Alicja Kwade’s mixed-media works manipulate mental perceptions and physical experiences of how the body inhabits space and time. Kwade frequently uses imperfect doubling, mirror images, and repetition in her practice.”

Neutral MUST HAVE PIECES for summer with a little bit of color infusion. If your main colors are shades of white, beige and black, it's easy to fresh them up with a little bit of color. The color of the moment is the BOTTEGA VENETA green.


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